Are you looking for opportunities to generate attractive risk-adjusted post-tax returns on your capital?

We generally seed-fund our projects with our own capital.

Once projects have been de-risked, we sometimes raise debt capital from sophisticated friends & family investors, banks, peer-to-peer lending platforms and small institutional investors, hedge funds and family offices.

Loan amounts typically range from €25,000 to €2m and can be structured in Euro or Sterling.

We can tailor both secured and unsecured debt investments for individuals, corporates and self-managed pension plans including ARFs, PRSAs and SIPPs.

At the moment, we’re pleased to offer the following fixed returns:

- 8% per annum for 3 years

- 10% per annum for 5 years

These returns can be structured in a tax-free manner for individual friends & family investors who are tax resident in Ireland or the UK.

We look forward to hearing from you if this is of interest.