Welcome to Mashup Group

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What do Schoolbooks.ie, PopupStudios.com, Autofulfil.com, WallStickersForKids.ie and Onesieful.com have in common?

It’s a question we asked ourselves for a while. Before we really understood what we’re doing.

Our answer is that they are all good ideas and opportunities that have been converted into reality (and still are being).

That’s what we do: we bring ideas and opportunities from our minds…into the real world.

How do we do this?

Apart from effort, time and focus, the two key ingredients to converting ideas and opportunities into reality are: capital and talent.

  • Capital is the fuel that funds our projects. We seed fund our new projects with our own capital. When projects have been de-risked, we raise capital from a range of sources including banks, sophisticated friends & family investors, peer-to-peer financing platforms and small institutional investors, hedge funds and family offices.

  • Talent is the life force that brings our projects to life. We seek out talented people to work and partner with on our projects. A range of talents from multiple people are usually required to really make the most of out of any particular opportunity. For example, the projects that we’re working on at the moment involve a range of skills including project management, digital marketing, building websites, content creation, software development, IT and systems management, importing goods, logistics, product sourcing and negotiation, design, business support, bookkeeping, accounting, VAT management, traditional sales & marketing, networking, structuring solutions and business management.

So, in a nutshell, we find and attract ideas, opportunities, capital and talent…and mash them up to create new profitable businesses and other profitable outcomes.

We never said it was easy.

Most of the time it’s not. Challenging yes. Rewarding yes. Enjoyable definitely. Easy no. (Well mostly no: there are rare occasions where projects flow so seamlessly that it’s inexplicable.)


While Mashup Group has been quite a while in the making, we’re only just beginning to get going.

We’re very pleased to launch our brand new shiny website to help us keep our investors, lenders, business partners and everyone in our group up to date.

While we look forward to being open and transparent, we also have to be careful not to share too much commercially sensitive information, particularly when it comes to new business acquisitions, property purchases and confidential projects.

Special mention to David & George [ davidandgeorge.co.uk ] the Squarespace website specialists who are responsible for the overall design and build of our new site.

Credit also to Robyn Baird [ robynbaird.co.uk ] for conceptualising and creating some of the graphics and layout.

Thank you guys - great example of talent in action.